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Corporate Identity


Creative concept


Une is a coaching agency. It is dedicated to executive development and executive coaching in large organizations.

A business is a group of people.

Each person is unique, with their strengths

and weaknesses, and provides a style,

a talent and experiences.

The diversity is enrichment.

In an organization often exist inertia and unproductive constellations, that does not help the whole. frequently efforts are dispersed or the structure distorted, which difficult to achieve targets.

When we get to be a team, we got to build a larger project, we achieve more

cohesion and link of the members.

Together we are more.

Client: Begoña Vázquez



Identidad corporativa


Concepto creativo


Une es una consultoría de personas. Se dedica al desarrollo directivo y el coaching

ejecutivo en grandes organizaciones.

Cliente: Begoña Vázquez